The Alchemist   Leeds and Manchester

We have participated in two ventures for the Alchemist brand with the Macauley Sinclair design team, both demanding a lot of our specialist glass. Samples were made and enjoyed. Its production needed to evolve and mature...

Put clear glass in a large flat bed kiln and heat to a high temperature to transform into a delicate yet interesting texture. Allow to cool. Next, after about 24 hours, cut carefully to size. Set against a sheet of amber glass. It cannot be served straight for architectural use, so laminate together and wait for a bond to form. Repeat the sequence for more.

Now use a good measure of alchemy to create a backdrop of rich chocolate-bronze mirrors.

Stand back and admire the glamour and fizz as these are set into the back bar, the kitchen pass, bottle displays and screens.

The stage is then set: a place for bartenders to refine their molecular mixology and alchemy for experimental cocktails.